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The proprietor and principal massage therapist at Mimosa Massage Therapy in Salisbury is Trinh Nguyen who is Vietnamese. The practice is located at 4 St Thomas’s Square, SALISBURY, SP1 1BA with premises on the first floor, above Jordan’s Estate Agents.

Trinh is a qualified massage therapist who brings the skills and expertise associated with South East Asia, and has a particular penchant for pain relief. She learned her trade in Vietnam from skilled massage therapists and from local monks and, later, working with Thai massage therapists.

Trinh is dedicated to the work she does and is never happier than when a client tells her that the pain they had been suffering for years has gone.

Trinh, Mimosa Massage Therapy

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Trinh uses traditional techniques to provide muscular aches and pains treatment, as well as physical and mental relaxation. Massage therapies can be applied to the head, neck, shoulder, back, spine, lower back, and feet. Many types of manipulation are used, and with varying degrees of pressure, depending on what is to be achieved.

People do not always understand the pain or discomfort they endure. However, Trinh applies her skill and experience to locate the source of the problem, and implement the appropriate treatment.

And if you have problems with a slipped disc, sciatica, or spondylosis there is a tailor-made massage for you. Read more about the types of massage available in TREATMENTS & PRICES.


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"I thoroughly recommend Trinh. She is a highly-trained expert in her field. Exceptional massage therapy. Salisbury is very lucky to have her!"



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